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Now that we know who you are, I know who I am. I'm not a mistake! It all makes sense! In a comic, you know how you can tell who the arch-villain's going to be?

People Said

  • I chose Atlas because of the holistic approach to learning that my children are being offered there. My children are structured and encouraged to perform to the best of their abilities while being provided with the proper tools to succeed. Parents and teachers work as a team, and students are expected to be kind and respectful. The healthy eating policies and daily recesses help make it easy for the children to stay focused during the day. The children are given every opportunity to excel and so they naturally do. As well, I love the homeschooling aspect encouraged by the school's shortened school days and weeks allowing the parents to work with the children at home on research projects which the children proudly present to their class every other week. This opportunity to teach their classmates what they have learned with their parents reinforces the child's confidence, public speaking ability, and pride in teaching for a day! Atlas has allowed our family to enjoy more time together rather than rushing from school to some activity to homework and then to bed. We are able to enjoy a proper sit down meal and afterwards the kids still get an hour or two to play with their dad before bed.

    Niti Bali, Mom to preschool and elementary students
  • We love the 6:1 student-teacher ratio and the resulting individual attention, the musical instruction, and healthy food injunction, but we also love it because the older kids are so caring toward the younger ones. That and the fact that we know the parents of our son's friends are reasons we are here. Atlas is a perfect compromise between public schools and homeschooling.

    Gordon H., dad to an elementary student
  • Atlas is the result of a vision I had one day when I asked myself, 'What would the perfect school be?' and my answer was a school with a challenging core curriculum, low student/teacher ratio, short day, parent involvement, music and foreign languages, and a strong emphasis on health.

    Atlas School is the fusion of everything I love: parenting, teaching, languages, music, travel, and healthy living. They could offer me full scholarships to any other school in North Carolina, and I would still choose Atlas for my children.

    Elizabeth Howdeshell, founder