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Students in Grades K-8 receive 30 minutes of private music instruction per week for most of the year.  During concert practice, we often teach the children in small groups. Kindergarteners take violin only.  In grades 1 to 3, all children learn both instruments.  As of grade 4, students can choose to continue learning both instruments, or can do piano only.   Guitar lessons may also be made available if enough interest is shown.

Preschoolers begin their day with thirty minutes of singing, marching, and finger plays (in French or Spanish). During lunch, Suzuki violin music is played in the background. After lunch, the preschoolers enjoy a short violin performance, by the violin teacher or older students. This exposure to violin and to Suzuki music tends to increase your child's ability and eagerness to learn to play the violin.  Participating in our concerts and watching the older children play violin and piano also heighten your child's enthusiasm to learn to play!