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"The things we most like about Atlas are:

  • Low student/teacher ratio which allows teachers, children, and parents to actually get to know each other. The school builds a learning community which involves the whole family, teachers, and staff at Atlas.
  • Project-based learning, which helps students develop a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  • Foreign language classes every day, which gives students a heads up when starting high school and a better understanding of the world outside of English-speaking cultures.
  • Healthy food policy, which helps students learn to eat better types of food and reduces the chances of childhood obesity."
Mom to a middle school student

"Atlas is a great place for both children and their parents. I myself have made so many long lasting friendships over the course of this year. My son has blossomed into a math whiz and also made many friends."

He loves both the Spanish and French classes. I was able to sit in on the French class one day and when you have six- to nine-year-old children speaking a language like it was their first you are blown away.

Promoting healthy foods has my son asking the question: 'Is this healthy for me?' He is six and a picky eater, but he now loves to eat veggies and fruit on a regular basis. This allows for the occasional treat, and he understands it's only a treat."

Mom to an elementary student

"I love Atlas because of the individualized attention my children get with a 6:1 ratio and the no sugar/trans fat policy. It forces me to make better meals for my children's lunches, which usually transfers to other meals!"

Mom to elementary students

"We love Atlas because the teachers are extremely dedicated and caring. We love the small class sizes, and the fact that each child can participate in violin and/or piano every single week.

We love that our child is exposed to foreign languages every day, and we love the healthy food policy. We like to feed our kids well, and other schools in this area have yet to make an effort to restrict all the bad stuff! We like knowing our son is surrounded by kids who are all making healthy food choices."

Mom to an elementary student

"I chose Atlas because of the holistic approach to learning that my children are being offered there. My children are structured and encouraged to perform to the best of their abilities while being provided with the proper tools to succeed. Parents and teachers work as a team, and students are expected to be kind and respectful.

The healthy eating policies and daily recesses help make it easy for the children to stay focused during the day. The children are given every opportunity to excel and so they naturally do.

As well, I love the homeschooling aspect encouraged by the school's shortened school days and weeks allowing the parents to work with the children at home on research projects which the children proudly present to their class every other week. This opportunity to teach their classmates what they have learned with their parents reinforces the child's confidence, public speaking ability, and pride in teaching for a day!

Atlas has allowed our family to enjoy more time together rather than rushing from school to some activity to homework and then to bed. We are able to enjoy a proper sit down meal and afterwards the kids still get an hour or two to play with their dad before bed.

We love Atlas!"

Niti Bali, Mom to preschool and elementary students and Owner of www.FarmToForkMeat.com

"I love Atlas because of the personal attention. Our son has shown major improvement in his grades and he is learning at a much higher level than he was in the public school.

As for the foreign language, while I usually speak to him in Spanish at home, it wasn't until he started at Atlas that he began answering me in Spanish. He is conjugating verbs correctly and properly constructing sentences in Spanish. He is now not afraid to try, and he is doing a great job. He enjoys French class as well, and he already has great pronunciation after being there for only one year.

The last thing I want to comment on are the piano lessons… he loves them and he is learning so much!

We are very happy to be part of Atlas!"

Mom to a middle school student

"We love the 6:1 student-teacher ratio and the resulting individual attention, the musical instruction, and healthy food injunction, but we also love it because the older kids are so caring toward the younger ones. That and the fact that we know the parents of our son's friends are reasons we are here.

Atlas is a perfect compromise between public schools and homeschooling."

Gordon H., dad to an elementary student

"Atlas is the result of a vision I had one day when I asked myself, 'What would the perfect school be?' and my answer was a school with a challenging core curriculum, low student/teacher ratio, short day, parent involvement, music and foreign languages, and a strong emphasis on health.

Atlas School is the fusion of everything I love: parenting, teaching, languages, music, travel, and healthy living. They could offer me full scholarships to any other school in North Carolina, and I would still choose Atlas for my children."

Elizabeth Howdeshell, founder

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